Characters and Story

Zool was one of the most  successful videogaming franchises created by Sheffield-based Gremlin Graphics, with sales rivalling a certain blue hedgehog in his day.

The Steel Minions were given the opportunity to work on this IP and bring it up to date as part of a competition set by Ian Stewart (the founder of Gremlin). We were keen to give Zool a refreshing look which both acknowledged his history and marked him out as a bad-ass ninja master for future generations to enjoy.


The Steel Minions design team worked their way though 4 separate concepts over the course of a year, pitching them to Ian and Sean Millard (Creative Director of Sumo) before arriving at the final Zool Planets concept.


We'd love to develop the game into a finished product and are exploring a number of avenues for taking it foward.

The Nth Dimensionh