Key Features

• Charming 2D platform/puzzle game
• 3+ PEGI rating
• 5 unique level themes
• 28 challenging levels

• Winner of 3 awards!

• Exclusively for PlayStation minis
• Compatible With PS3 and PS Vita

• Available from PSN store in UK and Ireland

• £2.49 or 3 Euros

Hints and Tips
Hints and Tips

BounceBack contains helpful hints and tips throughout the game.

5 Unique Environments
5 Unique Environments

Bedroom, Suburban, Construction Yard, Riverbed and Clouds.


Help Lanos on his journey home through a charming story.

Hints and Tips
Hints and Tips

BounceBack contains helpful hints and tips throughout the game.

Made the HARD way!

Bounceback wasn't created using a third-party game engine which does the majority of the hard work for you. Our team wrote their own engine and tools for the PSP from scratch using C++ (the industry standard programming language).

Characters and Story

​Our main character is 'Lanos' a bouncy ball made of moon rock who fears, after years of being left on a shelf, that he has lost his bounce!

He must find a way out the child's room, searching for 'Bounceables' in order to restore his bounce. Along the way Lanos will be introduced to a host of amazing characters with unique abilities to help him solve the puzzles so that he can collect all the Bounceables in a level.

The game sees Lanos travel through several unique themes before ending up bouncing
from the clouds, all the way back up home to the moon!


Praise and Awards

BounceBack was entered into the 2012 Game Republic Student Showcase and came away winning 3 out of 4 of the top awards:

  1. The Rockstar Award for Best Team
  2. The Sumo Digital Award for Best Game Design
  3. The Four Door Lemon Award for Best Technology

"This year’s Student Showcase was the biggest yet, with a very high standard of entries from all our educational partners. For Sheffield Hallam’s Steel Minions studio to win three first prize awards against such competition was an incredible achievement."

- Jamie Sefton, gamerepublic